Version 9.0 Released
Version 9.0 of FUN released.
Radio Network Planning and Optimization Software

Whether you are looking for a new cellular radio network planning and optimization tool or selecting a custom GIS or geographic data warehouse solution AKOSIM has proven technology to meet your specific needs.

Selecting a company that can not only support your present business, but also has the vision to anticipate new market requirements is essential in today's dynamic business world.

Our solutions are based on satisfying customer business objectives, supporting workflow, integration with 3rd party systems, data extensibility, and user functionality. We pride ourselves on offering GSM / HSCSD / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA / WiMAX and Microwave wireless network planning and optimisation products for both large and small deployments.

AKOSIM offers a range of highly specialized toolbox components. Customers that want more than an out of the box offering will find our approach refreshing, our solutions flexible, and our vision complementary to their evolving needs.