Dynamic customers in rapidly evolving markets require focused, competent, and proactive suppliers. Investment in both products and services is quintessential to success. Vision to proactively offer answers is fundamental to providing better-integrated solutions. We at AKOSIM invest in our customers. Customers define our market position and we listen carefully to their requirements. Our skilled team offer a broad range of products and services to support customer’s operational needs.
The following is a selection of our customers:

logo_eplus E-Plus
 is a leading mobile operator in Germany offering a broad range of mobile 2G, 2.5G, and 3G services. E-Plus has been a customer since 1998. AKOSIM provides the FUN Radio Network Planning products for E-Plus’ GSM, GPRS, and UMTS regional and nationwide wireless network planning and optimisation needs. With the advent of UMTS, new initiatives have emerged. Most recently AKOSIM have provided the UMTS Fast Algorithm for interference analysis, which in conjunction with FUN’s sophisticated version management controls, has enabled quicker deployment and optimisation processes to be realized.
logo_alcatel Alcatel-Lucent
 Austria supplys network solutions for mobile operators and has been a customer since 1998. AKOSIM provides the FUN Radio Network Planning tools for regional and national microwave, GSM, GPRS, and UMTS wireless network planning and optimisation operations. AKOSIM provide enhanced UMTS network planning products, and has recently finished installation, and acceptance testing of the integrated solution.
logo_dft DfT
 is part of the german New Radio Tower company. New Radio Tower is a specialist for network planning and realisation. Moreover New Radio Tower rent out radio stations for net operators.

logo_mobilkom mobilkom austria AG
 was founded in 1996, and is wholly owned by Telekom Austria, which is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Austria is one of the most competitive mobile communications markets in Europe – with 10 providers and a penetration rate of over 100%. mobilkom austria has been undisputed market leader since its start and is the engine that drives innovation and quality in the Austrian market. mobilkom austria launched the world’s first GPRS network, offered Europe’s first Location Based Service and put Europe’s first national UMTS network into operation. mobilkom austria is the corporate brand. It stands for progress, vitality, integrity and responsibility. mobilkom austria’s commitment is based on the concept of partnership and know-how transfer. Confidence in the future is an important attitude in the company. Therefor the social commitment is very speci?cally directed toward projects that deal with the future. Many children’s and youth projects are. A second focus is on the subject of safety.

logo_televersa televersa
, as the first regional telecommunication company in south-east Bavaria offers their customers nationwide a comprehensive spectrum on conventional telephone network, internet- and mobile radio communication services. Televersa sees itself as a telecommunication company “on site” with the aim to provide their customers with modern telecommunication solutions at low prices from one source. In lower Bavaria and the Oberpfalz they deliver to isolated and so far disadvantaged regions modern broadband DSL on basis of innovative radio technology (BWA/WIMAX) and with it they implement the wireless net of the future.