From its inception, AKOSIM has had a balanced approach to product development. Customer feedback and interaction has been the cornerstone of our software product development strategy, balanced with a consideration for next generation requirements. As a solution provider our customers expect us to supply not only market leading technology, but products that can be quickly customized to suit specific needs with high quality enhancements working to high performance specifications.
Deployments are based on satisfying customer business objectives, supporting workflow, integration with 3rd party systems, data extensibility, and user functionality. The AKOSIM products have been deployed supporting both small work-group, and complex multi-regional workgroup configuration, and have been installed on multiple platforms supporting 100’s of concurrent users.
AKOSIM offers product architecture that is robust, componentized, and really open: enabling better integration and deployment, and providing a better foundation for change, customisation, and growth.
Part of our underlying strategy in bringing our products to market was to ensure a technology synergy. Customer demand has directed product development away from some stale 3rd party products to better suited technology that is more appropriate for today’s market providing better usability, performance, and integration.